Adam Millman

DJ Adam Millman

Meet Adam Millman!

From playing the trombone and djembe to beatboxing and DJing, Adam has found his groove with several different forms of musical expression.

His DJing career got its start when friends would draft him to mix unique playlists on the fly from his iTunes library during social gatherings. Fast forward to now and you’ll find Adam happily pumping up the party with SIM’s huge music library and top quality DJ equipment!

Adam’s positive energy, kindness, sense of humor and ability to engage others allows him to fit right into any crowd. His goal is to fill his life with great interactions, great experiences, great people, and a sense of purpose fueled by helping others.

Adam holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University but continues to challenge himself at every turn. Whether it’s running a business, figuring out how to build furniture from scratch, or just continuing to better himself as a DJ and MC, Adam is constantly and purposefully growing as a person and a professional.

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