Photographer Garrett Fisher

Happy, observant, patient, empathetic, skilled. These are words I would use to describe myself and my work.

However, if one is described by others, my family - my beautiful, silly, rollercoaster loving wife and child - would be all the description I would need. That and my hero; the late, great Gary A. Fisher. AKA my father. The man could fix just about anything and was incredibly selfless. I work hard everyday to live up to his example.

I got into photography in junior high as a means to an end. I was in a band and we needed to put together a press kit to start booking our own gigs. At the top of the list was a photo. I grabbed my parents old Pentax K-1000 and fell in love with the process! However, if I wasn’t photographing today, I’d probably either be a DJ or the river boat captain at Disneyland.

If given the opportunity to spend a week anywhere in the world, I would spend a week exploring the Big Apple from a Manhattan penthouse. I once played a show in a Jamaican prison. I spent the summer of 2010 coaster trekking from L.A., California to Springfield, Massachusetts alone in my 2004 Honda Civic. I ended up riding 105 roller coasters that year!

So yes, I am a bit of a daredevil, but in my work, I cherish safety in every environment I work in. I never ask anyone to do something I, myself, would be unsteady doing. That being said, I will do things I don’t expect anyone else to do to get the shot. Like balance over an edge to frame a group shot or lay in a puddle to capture the moment! I like to have fun and promote having fun in my sessions. My main goal is to provide a fun relaxed environment that fosters amazing photos. If you’re having fun, it’ll show in the photos!

The photographic process is deep and complicated beyond the simple act of pointing and shooting. In a way, it’s a lot like spinning plates on sticks; you start one, then the next and the next, and then you go back and touch the first ones to keep them going and begin adding more plates. In this case, the plates are things like sunlight, background, exposure, the expression on the subject’s face at a given moment, etc. Once all those “plates” are spinning exactly right, you have to capture that singular moment in one perfectly-timed shot. It’s a real challenge, and I thrive on it!

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